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Sally Lindsay scaling down from Loose

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Sally Lindsay scaling down from Loose Women to spend more time with her twin boys

She was one of the loveable loudmouthed ladies brought in to boost the ratings of ITV's Loose Women.

But after less than a year as a presenter, Sally Lindsay will cut loose from her full time role on the show and spend more time with her two young sons.

Recording Loose Women and then filming TV comedy Mount Pleasant non stop for the past few months has made the former Coronation Street star take stock.

"I want some time off with the boys," Sally says. wholesale jerseys "So it will be maybe once a week or once every two weeks on Loose Women.

"I will be going back but not in the capacity I was before. It was an open contract.

"The bosses have been great and said I can come in when I want."

Mum of twins Sally says she'll miss the pre show banter on Loose Women.

On Loose Women: With co star Andrea McLean

She explains: "It is a laugh, that first half hour when you all meet up in the morning. The shenanigans could never be broadcast.

"Some of the stuff that is being said would make your hair curl. And are we as boozy as they make out?

"No, not really. Especially Carol McGiffin. I don't think she even drinks in the week."

Sally's long term partner, drummer Steve White, will be delighted about the change in schedule as it means there will be less chance for Sally to embarrass him.

"I think Steve regretted things I said on the show but I didn't.

"The girls started calling him 'Saint Steve' and he was, like, 'You've made me sound wholesale nfl jerseys a right idiot'."

Sally, 39, is also returning to the small screen for the second series of Mount Pleasant.

The show is based around her character Lisa and hubby Dan played by Daniel Ryan as they suffer marriage wobbles.

Girl power: With the Loose Women team

It managed more than a million viewers on Sky last year and is clearly close to Sally's heart as it was written by friend Sarah Hooper with her in mind for the lead role.

Lisa is regularly seen knocking back a bottle of wine with pals and worrying about her weight or whether Dan has a new female admirer.

"Lisa is Everywoman in a way to some degree," says Sally. "She exemplifies those stupid problems women have that men don't give a monkey's about.

"All men want is to see their bird naked and that cheap nfl jerseys is it, they are fine. Dan encapsulates that, he doesn't care as long as Lisa gets her kit off.

"Whereas us women are more worried about cheap jerseys things like whether we've put on a little bit of weight.

"It would really take the pressure off cheap nfl jerseys if more ladies realised that is how men think. We put all this pressure on ourselves and real men are not bothered.

"I am similar to Lisa in that I am very close to my family and very much in love with my husband.

"We have silly arguments about nothing like everybody does.

"But I do my own washing, I do my own cleaning so I don't think I'm as lazy as Lisa or as spoilt."

On Corrie: With comic Peter Kay

In real life, Sally and Steve are yet to walk down the aisle but despite this she still refers to him as her "husband".

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Chichen Itza travel guide

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Chichen Itza travel guide

Chichn Itz is the largest of the archaeological cities of the pre Columbian Maya civilization in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. It is one of Mexico's most visited tourist destinations. It was granted World Heritage Site status in 1988 by UNESCO World Heritage Site and nfl jerseys nike china was recently selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

The Kukulcn Pyramid or El Castillo (The Castle) Chichen ItzaMany tourists visit Chichen Itza as a day trip, especially from Cancun, more than 100 miles away. This archaeological site is also an hour and a half away from Merida, the capital of Yucatan. The Maya communities near Chichen Itza have developed many wonderful sites for travelers to rejoice in the Maya Cultural heritage. It is recommended you avoid a day trip visit to Chichen Itza and schedule a night or two to enjoy all the activities nearby. This allows time to see more than just a portion of this large site. If you stay a night here, come to the archaeological site early in the day before the sun is so hot, and before most of the day trippers arrive. This is a large park and usually visitors are on a tight schedule, consider the services of a guide. They can be found in the museum at the entrance and are very nice and reasonably priced. If you tire of their company, they will not be offended if you mention that you would like to visit on your own. A guide can give you information on sleeping overnight at the site.

The site is open daily, 9 5. The Sacred Cenote (a large natural well or limestone sink hole) was holy to the ancient Rain God "Chac".

About 987 the ruler of the Toltec people of central Mexico came here, and with his Maya allies made Chichen Itza the most powerful city in the Yucatan. The ruler called himself "Kukulcan", the name of the Mesoamerican Feathered Serpent deity (also known as "Quetzalcoatl") and Chichen Itza became a center for worship of that god as well. More buildings were built here in a mixture of Maya and Toltec styles.

About 1221 the Maya revolted against the rulers of Chichen Itza. The city was not abandoned, but as political power shifted elsewhere it declined and no major new buildings were constructed. Chichen Itza remained a place cheap nfl jerseys china of pilgrimage for the Maya until it was conquered by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th century.

The structures of Chichen Itza were overgrown with jungle and slowly decayed until major archaeological projects began in the 1920s. Since then, more of the ancient structures have been cleared and restored and more and more tourists come to visit.

[edit] Get in

By road, Chichen Itza is on the main highway between the capital city of Mrida and the resort city of Cancun. If you have time and are looking for a more adventurist route, the cheap nfl jerseys from china "libre' road that runs parallel to the toll highway goes through and by many villages and gives a better feel for the area. If you take the "libre" route, you will need to be more alert for pedestrians and animals on the road, as well as the numerous "speed bumps" you will encounter. If after dark, stick to the toll road. Come by automobile or take the very regular bus service.

ADO bus service from Cancun costs 202 pesos one way trip and the trip takes three hours. You'll have about 4 hours to spend on the area if using the faster bus. A cheaper bus is available for 122 pesos and with travel time of four hours per direction.

If you are located outside of Chichen Itza, a number of companies organize tours, including Entertainment Plus [1],Adventure Life, [2], Tours Aldebaran [3]. Also, Chichen Services [4] which is dedicated to offer travel experiences dedicated to Sustainable Tourism and to financially help the nearby town residents with their community projects and endeavors.

[edit] Get around

At the site you get around on foot. Wear sturdy, comfortable walking shoes; consider that you may want to try climbing rough stone stairs in them. Sunscreen and a broad brimmed hat may be good ideas too. There is very little usable shade in the middle hours of the day. Bring a pair of binoculars, star gazing and birding is incredible in this region. Also, if you want to know more about the Mayan local communities, their cooking, religious rites, calendar system and ancient arts, visit the small towns around Chichen.

These are the vestiges of a fascinating civilization of times past. Well informed guides speaking all major languages are available for hire here, or download a guide book app for your smartphone or you explore on your own with a guide book and map.

The Pyramid of Kukulcan or El Castillo the most famous landmark of Chichen Itza. This was a temple pyramid dedicated to the Feathered Serpent God, Kukulcan. It is nicknamed "The Castle". Sculptures of the Feathered Serpents run down cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the sides of the northern staircase, and are set off by shadows from the corner tiers on the Spring and Fall equinox. (As of January 2006, you can no longer climb El Castillo.)

Interior Temple The Maya would often build newer bigger temple pyramids atop older ones. Archaeologists have constructed tunnels allowing a view of the earlier temple of Kukulcan inside the later one. Go in the door at the foot of the north stairway, and you can go up a steep interior stairway up to the room on the top where you can see King Kukulcan's Jaguar Throne, carved of stone and painted red with jade spots. It is an impressive sight, but the climb up the narrow interior passageway may be too much for those with some claustrophobia. Note to those travelling to Chichen Itza post March 2006: You are no longer able to climb the steps to the wholesale nhl jerseys from china top of the most of the monuments. These areas have been roped off due to erosion and destruction of some of the sacred monuments.

Temple of the Warriors (As of January 2006, you can no longer climb the Temple of the Warriors)

Chac Mool used for sacrifice at Temple of Warriors

The Great Market

Great Ballcourt cheap nhl jerseys there are 7 courts for playing the Mesoamerican ballgame at Chichen Itza. This one is by far the largest and most impressive, not just at the site but in all of ancient Mesoamerica.

Temple of the Jaguars Attached to the ballcourt complex, with stone jaguar, feathered serpent columns, and murals inside.

Sweatbaths there are many Zumbul che structures found in both Chichen Itza and Old Chichen sites. These Maya sweatbaths played an important rule in ancient Maya spiritual traditions as places to purify the mind, body, and emotions, thus getting in touch with ones pure spiritual energy.

Platform of the Skulls

Cenote of Sacrifice

El Caracol circular temple on a rectangular platform, also sacred to Kukulcan, served as an astronomical observatory.

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Fortis Gurgaon hosts 46th Statesman Vintage car rally in

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Fortis Gurgaon hosts 46th Statesman Vintage car rally in Delhi

Some gleaming beauties added to the charm of a bright and sunny morning in the Capital when they took to the roads for the 46th Vintage and Classic car rally on Sunday.

The rally was flagged off by Army chief General VK Singh from Barakhamba Road.

The rally was flagged off by Army chief General VK Singh from Barakhamba Road, and the golden oldies travelled to Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon, before arriving at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium for a prize distribution by Bharti Singh, the Army chief's wife.

The wholesale jerseys oldest car participating in the cheap nfl jerseys rally was a 1909 Willys Overland, while the youngest was a 1962 Mercedes.

The attractions included a 1914 John Morris, India's first fire engine owned by the Nizam of Hyderabad and now the National Rail Museum. Other notable entrants were a 1919 Citroen, a 1925 Phantom 1 Rolls Royce, a Ford 1928, a Ford 1930 which was directly imported from the US for the Pope's visit to India in the same year, a Citroen 1938 that has been featured in films like Gandhi, a Buick 1938, a Plymouth 1938 and a Sunbeam 1947, along with a collection of Austins, Chevrolets, Jaguars, Mercedes, Pontiacs, etc.

A total of 43 running trophies were given out to the owners, including The Statesman Challenge Trophy to the John Morris 1914, the Fortis Trophy for the most consistent participant to a 1934 Lagonda, and the CR Irani Memorial Trophy for china nfl jerseys nike the 'queen free shipping wholesale jerseys of the rally' to a 1939 Rolls Royce.

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Jaguars stand tall

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Jaguars stand tall

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. As Maurice Jones Drew walked off the field, his white pants had a mix of grass, dirt and blood stains. They might be worth keeping that way.

After all, few players have had that much success against that defence.

Jones Drew ran for 105 yards, Josh Scobee kicked four field goals and the Jacksonville Jaguars snapped a five game slide with Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap a 12 7 victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night.

"It finally feels good to win one after all those losses," said Jones Drew, the first player to run for 100 yards against the Ravens since last December. "It was nice to show the world what we're about. We beat a very good team."

Stepping into the national spotlight for a few hours, the Jaguars used their best defensive effort in seven years to slow down Ray Rice, Joe Flacco and Co.

"You've got to give them credit. They played like it was their Super Bowl," Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin said.

The victory could be a turning point for a young team trying to create confidence after losing eight of its previous nine games. Instead of talk about coach Jack Del Rio's job replica oakleys security, the Jaguars (2 5) got back in the mix in the wide open AFC South.

"We knew this was an opportunity to right things and gain a little respect," Del Rio said.

They relied on Jones Drew and the defence to get it done.

Jacksonville didn't allow a first down until the 5:26 mark of the third quarter, a mix of stout defence and inept offence. Flacco finally got the Ravens (4 2) on the scoreboard with a little more than two minutes remaining. He capped a 90 yard drive with a five yard touchdown pass to Boldin.

The Ravens failed to recover an onside kick when the ball bounced inches short of going the required 10 yards. Scobee followed with his third field goal of at least 50 yards, tying an NFL record held by many.

"As long as I'm getting those opportunities, I will gladly take them," Scobee said. "Given that we haven't scored a lot of points this season, I know that every time I'm out there it's very important."

Baltimore had a final possession, but in fitting fashion, Jacksonville's defence came up big. Drew Coleman stepped in front of Ed Dickson and intercepted Flacco's final pass.

The Ravens finished with 146 total yards, the fewest yards the Jaguars have allowed since 2004.

"They basically beat us with their defence," coach John Harbaugh said. "I don't think it was any one thing. It was a lack of execution. It's almost as bad as you can play on offence."

The Jaguars set a franchise record by allowing only 16 yards in the first half, including one yard passing by Flacco, who was under relentless pressure for much of the night.

"We need to make sure when we're not on our 'A' game, we're not this," said Flacco, who completed 21 of 38 passes for 137 yards.

Baltimore finally got a first down on its 28th play of the game when Rice broke off a 12 yard run. That was only the second play longer than 10 yards for the Ravens.

"We were confident about this game," Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton said. "We knew we had to outplay them. The difference between this and the other weeks is that we started fast. Our defence is capable of that. That's why we hold ourselves to a high standard. We just needed to taste victory. Now that we have, we're going to keep it rolling."

The teams combined to go 0 of 16 on third down conversions in the opening half. The Jaguars began the third quarter with six first downs, only for the Ravens defence to stiffen after yet another mistake.

The Ravens stopped Jacksonville, but Brendon Ayanbadejo was called for a personal foul and ejected from the game when he punched Guy Whimper in the facemask after the play. That gave the Jaguars first and goal from the 3, but Blaine Gabbert Cheap Nike Jerseys failed to complete two passes in the end zone and Scobee kicked a 22 yard field goal.

An earlier field goal was set up by another Baltimore blunder.

After Gabbert completed passes of 24 and 11 yards to the Ravens 38, Gabbert was sacked on third and 8 at the 40. The Jaguars chose to punt, but Paul Kruger was penalized for running into the kicker. The 5 yard penalty put Scobee in field goal range, putting the Jaguars up 6 0 with a 54 yard kick.

Scobee, who extended his franchise record with a field goal for the 15th buy replica oakley straight game, kicked two 54 yarders.

Jacksonville needed every yard and point it could muster. The NFL's worst offence put the game on Jones Drew's shoulders. He carried 30 times, most of them right into the middle of Baltimore's revered defence.

"We just grinded them," Gabbert said. "Mojo's a beast back there."

NOTES: Ravens S Ed Reed had his shoulder popped back into place in the fourth quarter, but returned after a few plays off. . Houston's Arian Foster was the last player to run for at least 100 yards against Baltimore. . The Jaguars, who snapped a six game losing streak in prime time, improved to 7 3 on Monday night. . Rice ran eight times for 28 yards. . Baltimore's star was Sam Koch, who punted nine times for a 52.2 yard average.

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New Moga Controllers Finally Go Retail

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New Moga Controllers Finally Go Retail

This series includes the Moga Pro Power and Moga Hero Power for Android, and the Moga Ace Power for Apple's iOS.

"For more than a year, mobile gamers around the world have been discovering the thrill of playing game apps with a Moga controller," said Eric Bensussen, President of PowerA. "Now Moga is addressing the two biggest concerns of mobile gamers today precision control and phone battery life. By combining a world class mobile game controller with an auxiliary phone charger, Moga is offering chi flat iron official website consumers an incredible value. We expect it to be the hottest mobile accessory available this holiday season."

MOGA ACE POWERThe Ace Power was revealed just last week and made available for pre purchase. Built for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and fifth generation iPod Touch running iOS 7, the controller communicated with the device via the Lightning connector. The peripheral packs all the bells and whistles needed for a true "console" experience including shoulder buttons and analog sticks. The Ace Power also has a built in 1800 mAh battery and Moga Boost technology for charging the phone or iPod Touch during gameplay.

The Hero Power and Pro Power for Android were released at the beginning of the month, the Pro serving as a full fledged console controller and the Hero as a smaller, more portable solution. Lock "arm" that holds the smartphone on the device. Other new features include support for multiplayer gaming on the same screen, improved ergonomics, improved Bluetooth radios, and chi flat iron the ability to recharge the phone while playing.

MOGA HERO POWER"With top tier games like Call Cheap Snapback Hats of Duty: Strike Team incorporating controller support of Apple iOS7 devices, serious gamers will demand the extended controls that currently are only supported by the MOGA ACE POWER.

Moga is available for Android 2.3 and above, and iOS 7 and above. The Android based Moga Hero Power retails for $59.99, the Android based Moga Pro Power retails Wholesale Snapback Hats for $79.99, and the iPhone based Moga Ace Power retails for $99.99.

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Redskins trade for Rams' No

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Redskins trade for Rams' No

ET on Tuesday, the first official day of free agency).

Under the deal, the Redskins and Rams will swap first rounders this year, sources said. The Rams also will receive two future first round picks and a second round pick, Rams vice president and chief operating officer Kevin Demoff confirmed to The Sports Xchange after the story first broke.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder had targeted Peyton Manning in free agency, but Manning did not reciprocate interest in playing in Washington. cheap prom dresses With Andrew Luck all but a foregone conclusion to go to the Colts at No. 1 overall, the Redskins then moved quickly to make sure they could acquire the other most coveted quarterback of the draft.

Assuming the Redskins take RG3, the Minnesota Vikings would then be on the clock with the No. 3 pick. Their short list likely includes offensive tackle Matt Kalil of USC, wide receiver Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State, and cornerback Morris Claiborne of LSU.

The bold move demonstrates how badly the Redskins are in need of a franchise quarterback after two decades of struggles. Coach Mike Shanahan has already whiffed on three in his two seasons in Washington, with Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman and John Beck combining to produce an 11 21 Cheap NFL Jerseys record.

The Rams were in the market to trade because they already have their franchise quarterback, 2010 No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford. The Redskins had to make an offer they felt would outbid the quarterback needy Cleveland Browns, who could have offered both the No. 4 NFL Jerseys Wholesale and No. 22 selections in this year's draft.

Cleveland general manager Tom Heckert acknowledged Thursday he had talked to the Rams.

''We feel very comfortable staying at four and getting a good player there, and that could happen,'' he said. ''And we feel comfortable in moving down and getting more picks, we really do. It's way early to start talking about this stuff.''

By sacrificing four premium draft picks, Shanahan is reversing the plan he set in motion last year to stockpile picks to rebuild Washington's depleted roster. The Redskins, however, have plenty of space under the salary cap and can be aggressive in plugging their holes when free agency begins Tuesday.

Grossman and Beck combined to throw 24 interceptions last year, putting the Redskins just one behind league leaders Philadelphia and Buffalo on the way to a fourth consecutive last place finish in the division. McNabb, acquired in a trade from the Eagles, was the starter for the first 13 games in 2010, when Washington went 6 10.

Griffin, therefore, will get to work with a coach who has a reputation for working well with quarterbacks and designing effective offensive schemes, but Shanahan will likewise rely on Griffin to help make the coach a winner again. Shanahan has won only one playoff game since John Elway retired after capturing the second of back to back Super Bowls cheap evening dresses with the Denver Broncos in 1998, and he hasn't been to the playoffs in his last five seasons as a coach.

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